This section should reflect the changes I think humanity needs to make in order to create a better world. I consider a better world to be a world in which there is less human suffering and less impact unto Earth caused by human actions.

I don’t think humans should be pained if they don’t need to. I don’t think humans should starve if the World has the ability to feed them. I don’t think there should be murder or war. I don’t think there should be inequality to the point where lower class humans’ most basic needs are not met. We should ensure humans have food, shelter, and healthcare, simply because we can.

There would be less retribution from those who feel wronged, and most humans on Earth would be happier knowing there was less suffering by members of our own species.

More than anything I’m trying to present myself as relatively unbiased. I know no person is entirely free from bias, and I’m no exception, so I hope that by attempting to display honesty, the audience will be able to get a good idea of my subjective slant. I want to do my best to be trustworthy, to give people something that feels like it has legitimate threads of objectivity.