Contained herein is commentary on the world and its current state of affairs as well as suggestions for changes to make to our society. It is an ever incomplete plan on how to improve the world through the concerted effort of individuals from all walks of life. I have been unsure what to name this; anything close to describing the goals would be entirely too long of a title. This work will undoubtedly be Americentric because I believe, due in no small part to my current position, that the US is the best place to start improvements. I am American, and I have the best chance of promoting change here as an insider. Moreover, America currently has outsized power when compared to the percentage of humans on Earth. So any changes made here will put Americans in a better position to help everyone else.

That being said, I do hope to promote a message that can resonate with all humans. I know that it may be an outlandish dream, but I feel I must try. I think there is more that connects us as humans than separates us. I haven’t lived anywhere other than America, but in consuming media created in various geographical locations and points in history, and in knowing people from other countries, I can’t help but feel that the human experience is universal. We all have desires; we feel greed, gratitude, love, and hate. Not everything I comment on or write about will be relevant to the reader’s personal situation, but I hope to compose a global message. We are too interconnected to try to only care about our own nations, tribes, families, and selves; we must care about all humans.

Now when I say I want to help America or see America help the world, I know that may incite animosity. What I mean by help is alleviate suffering. I know America’s foreign policy historically has not benefitted all people, and even when we have said we were trying to help we have ended up hurting instead. However, I don’t know another way to succinctly phrase my goals. I don’t want to force anyone to change their way of life, I don’t want to decide what should and shouldn’t be in this world, I just want to tell people my perspective with the intention of setting the stage for others to lead our species into a new age.