Right now we are in one of the most transitionary periods in human history, if not the most. Our population has exploded and we are more intelligent than ever. Earth was transformed when paper spread from China through the Islamic realm to the rest of the world in the 11th century CE and it was transformed again with the advent of the printing press in Europe in the mid 15th century. It happened again with the creation of the steam engine which led to new forms of travel such as the steamboat, railroad, automobile, and airplane. Then once more with the telegraph and subsequent electronic communication technologies.

Now, though, is an even more special time. The spread of information has allowed people who before had little access to resources learn valuable lifesaving skills. There is more equality in knowledge now than there has ever been before in any society at any time, and it is happening on a global scale. I know it isn’t perfect and only around 45% of the world is connected to the internet, but that will increase quickly.(1) If anyone reading this can help get more people online, that is a valuable problem that needs to be solved.

Right now we have 7.5 Billion people on Earth. We only reached a global population of 1 billion in 1800 CE. When I was born in 1992 CE there were 5.5 billion people. There are currently as many people younger than me that are alive today than there were total people on Earth at any one time prior to around 1930.(2) Right now we need all of them to join together and create the world we want, the best possible world.

As mentioned earlier, 45% of the globe is online. Never before have people been so connected and never before have so many people been so connected. The world is ready for a mass movement. It could happen at any time and the world would be swept up in it before anyone could realize what was happening. I hope this is that movement. I hope that because I am scared of the alternatives since they are unknown to me.

Perhaps the great number of people online may mean that mass movements are harder, since there are more opinions out there. But I have a hard time believing that since humanity has not fundamentally changed. We are the same people now that we were when any of the great prophets were alive, when Marx or Hitler were able to drive crowds into a frenzy, the only difference is that people are now easier to reach.

As a global society we must train our generation and those after us to pursue trying to help people, trying to serve others. Most importantly, we must teach them to be on guard against those who may try to feed them misinformation. We call teachings education when they are truthful but brainwashing when they are false. We must teach our global citizens to know truth from falsehood.

I don’t really know if I’m the best person for the job. The amount of power scares me because I am afraid I may be corrupted by it. I’m not the most moral person, but I do honestly believe that I have good intentions. I just want to see a world with less suffering. I sometimes still lie, but I’m trying to do so less. I’m trying to honor my promises more, and most importantly, I’m trying not to hurt people.

I know none of those things alone qualify me to tell the world what to do, but hopefully I will speak the truth and that will be enough. I’m not sure if I am trying to order the world around. I view this more as a conversation, even if it is one sided. I don’t expect the reader to blindly listen to me, mainly because I will sometimes be wrong. More than anything this is a warning to be wary of those who tell you to follow them blindly. We are a world of individuals with free will, we need to ensure everyone is using their free will to the fullest extent by making the individual choice to be good to others.

I know my public persona will increase my chances of being stalked or robbed. I know it may open the doors for my friends and family to be abused. I don’t really have a good answer for why I am unilaterally subjecting them to such a risk other than I think I am doing this for the best interest of all humans. I’m not too good at designing websites or at computer science in general, so this is not the most secure website. I will try to update it frequently so that if it is compromised, hopefully it won’t be for long.

I’m mainly hoping that I’ll be lucky, that someone will watch out for me and prevent anyone from hacking me. I hope my intentions are true enough that no one would want to harm me. But I understand that some people may feel compelled to act with ill intentions towards me because of something like a lack of money. Others may just be bored and I make an easy target. I understand, this is the choice I’ve made. I’d just prefer if such people didn’t take it out on me. If anyone reading this could offer me tips about how to be more careful in hosting a public website, I would be very happy to get in contact with you. Just leave a comment somewhere.

Another aspect of publicity is that I do desire glory and praise, though I’ve convinced myself that it is necessary to be open and that I am not doing it for those wrong reasons, or any others. I sincerely hope that I am trying to do this without any ulterior motives. I have truly come to think that it is important to be able to put a face to the ideals. That it is important that I have control over the message. I could’ve joined a group like Anonymous, but then I’d have no control over the movement if it were poisoned by immoral ideologues.

It’s hard to find people to trust. Perhaps it is harder now than it was in the past, perhaps it is just as hard as it always has been. Either way, I’m trying to create something relatively pure. Something people can agree on without having arguments over its ideals. Something that hasn’t yet been contaminated by people fighting over it. I’m trying to be honest, to show you there is at least one person in this large world that is trustworthy and has good intentions. I truly believe I am not alone, this website is a call to those who will listen to join together and make a better world.

As always, I’m sorry this isn’t any better than it is. I will keep trying to improve it. I hope you can do better than me. I hope I can give you hope. I know the world can do better than me. I know individuals aren’t perfect, but I also know that people working together are more perfect than individuals, and I hope that together we can create a better world. I know it’s hypocritical to say groups are better than individuals while I stubbornly maintain a desire to write this philosophy alone, but I want to remind you, these thoughts and ideals are not my own, they are a reflection of everyone with whom I have come in contact with. It is only the order in which they are presented is my own doing and I am always open to suggestions.