Hello, welcome. This is a website I am using to reach out to the world. I have some suggestions about what changes we need to make to move forward and I’m putting them here. I’m also including information from my college education to bolster my credentials (plus it’s really interesting material). I’d like to create a social movement. I know one of the biggest problems with that is creating something that continues. Most times the movement doesn’t outlast the leader. I want this movement to supersede and overshadow me. I need the help of everyone who wants to help.

My name is Conrad Thomas Young. I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA in 1992 C.E. on April 2nd. Six months later I was moved to Midland, Texas, where I attended Fannin Elementary School for kindergarten and first grade. I moved again to Houston in 1999, there I went to Copeland Elementary, Aragon Middle, and Langham Creek High schools. I resided in Houston until age 20 whereupon I moved Norman, Oklahoma to complete my secondary education at The University of Oklahoma. I am now almost finished achieving a double-major Bachelor’s of Science in Astrophysics and the History of Science.

I haven’t been the best person during my lifetime, but, to my knowledge, I’ve never killed anyone. I know these statements may seem odd, or perhaps the phrasing does, but I’ve always either tried to be or simply was a bit outside of the norm. I don’t know if this website will create the effect I want it to, but I see no serious harm in trying. I know that the world is starving for sources of information they can trust, and I think I can be trustworthy. Most importantly, I know my ideas have value. I consequently feel like I owe it to the world to offer my opinion on how to make it better.

I aware that I am narcissistic, but I am also self-conscious. I know the old axiom which is the Dunning-Kruger effect, that smart individuals underestimate their cognitive abilities while people with less intelligence overestimate their own. I’ve convinced myself that any concern I have that I am in the latter category is a manifestation of being in the former. I’m documenting this to acknowledge that I realize I may not always be right. In this website I will likely often assert my position as incontrovertibly true. That was how I was raised to debate. I will try to cite evidence to support my theses.

The only absolute in life is that there are always almost never absolutes. Everything is on a spectrum, and every spectrum has disparate, nearly unattainable endpoints. Any question, when scrutinized from contrasting points of view, will have more than one correct answer — the Devil is in the details. “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” Never believe me wholeheartedly. Never believe anything completely in this world, especially that statement and all absolutes.

Have a good life,

Conrad Young

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